Setting up your photobooth

We’re getting lots of requests for photobooths and wanted to provide more info on how to set up the photobooth as well as ideas for making it look fantastic! I’d love to hear ideas from any of you as well. Leave a comment or email us at

This 101 sheet called Photobooth back-drops & front-props is a great place to start. It shows you how photobooths are set up, what size the backdrop should be and what else you might want.

Fun props that guests can wear are a great way to give the photographs a specific feel like “vintage” or “carnival” or “beach” or whatever. Here’s a list of prop ideas: long strings of pearls, vintage hats, silly glasses (frames only so you can see people’s eyes), gloves, feather boas, purses, cigarette holders, broaches, a vintage camera, scarves, wigs, and fur stoles. This photobooth by Abigail Seymour had great props.

As a photographer, I’ve learned that timing can be a tricky thing with photobooths because some guests don’t realize it’s happening until after it’s done and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance. Here are some ideas to make sure this doesn’t happen:
1. Hand out a vintage carnival ticket in the ceremony program with the details for the photoboth.
2. Display a big paper/cardboard clock by the photobooth to show how much time is left before it wraps up. The photographer can change the hands of the clock as the end approaches.
3. Keep the photobooth open for the first 15-30 minutes of your reception and have the MC announce that it’s “now or never” for the photobooth at the beginning of the reception to give guests one last chance.

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