5 tips for beautiful engagement photographs

Engagement photographs are a fantastic way for you and your fiance to get to know me and get comfortable in front of the camera. The style of your shoot can be anything from fun and casual to formal and dramatic. Letting me know what the look is that you want to achieve will help me give you better advice on how to “style” your shoot.

Here are some tips to help you get ready…

1. Apply makeup liberally
Wearing make-up (slightly more then you would say, to work) can do a lot to enhance the photographs. Stick with neutral tones, light lips and dark eyes. Lots of mascara and eye liner (applied well) will make your eyes pop.
2. Sexy hair
Wear your hair down and if you can spurge, get a stylist to do a blow out for you. If you colour or highlight your hair try to have a touch up a week or two before the shoot.
3. Take time to pamper yourself
After your morning shower on the day of your e-shoot, moisturize your skin from head to toe (encourage your fiance to as well.)  You can even bring moisturizer with you and make sure that any areas that will be exposed in your photographs are well moisturized right before the shoot. Taking time to have a bath, do a home facial, or whatever makes you feel great is a perfect way to get in the mood for your e-shoot.
4. Simple Clothes
Wear something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in that will show you off.  Chose something that will blend well with the surroundings for the shoot. For instance, if we’re doing a shoot on the beach, white, tan and light blue are great shades to wear. Try to keep it simple with solid shades or very fine prints and just two or three shades between the two of you. Don’t forget to wear your engagement ring!
4. Stay away from trouble
Please try to avoid wearing t-shirts /hoodies with patterns, logos or images, old worn shoes, very tight clothing and tinted glasses.
5. Strive for a romantic mood
Hang out with your fiance (have lunch or drinks together) before the shoot to make sure that you are in ultimate love-zone and that if either of you have any concerns about the shoot… or life… or anything, it’s all worked out beforehand and all you want to do is be in love with one another in front of my camera.

Hope that’s helpful. I would love to hear from any of you too. What worked for your engagement shoot and what didn’t? What do you wish you would have known? Leave a comment or email info{at}picturemywedding.ca.

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